EXODUS focuses on Israelites multiplying and spreading in the land of Egypt resulting in the Egyptians oppressing them with harsh labor due to Pharaoh’s fears of the tribes attempting to oppose him because of their increasing number of people. Pharaoh was so scared that he made an order to throw every Hebrew baby boy in the Nile River,but he allowed girls to live.

Moses was born a Hebrew and because of Pharaoh's order, his mother, Jochebed hid Moses for three months. When she could no longer do this, she then placed him in a papyrus basket and set it in the Nile River. Moses' sister, Miriam, carefully watched to see what would happen to him when Pharaoh's daughter saw him. Although he was identified as a Hebrew baby, Pharaoh's daughter took him to be her own son. Miriam suggested that she could find a Hebrew woman to nurse the child and she went and got Moses' mother.

Moses was raised as a part of Pharoah's family and lived in Egypt for 40 years. One day, he murdered an Egyptian who was mistreating one of the Hebrew slaves. The next day he discovered that his act was not a secret, so he ran away to Midian. There he lived as a shepherd, married, and had children. A life changing pivotal point in Moses' life occurs on Mount Horeb where Moses encounters a flaming bush that was not being burned by the fire. God spoke to Moses from the bush. God said He has heard their cries of agony from His people and Moses would be sent to deliver them. Moses was chosen to lead the Israelites out of Egypt to a land flowing with milk and honey called Canaan.

The slideshow below shows images of the main events in the life of Moses, as recorded in the Book of Exodus.

Important Events in the Book of Exodus

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