MOSES - "drawn from the water" ~ son of Amram and Jochebed (Exo 2: 10-21)

   “Moses lived for 120 years, a period divided into three sections of forty years each:

    The first forty years – from his birth until the flight into Midian. As Pharoah's son, Moses learned to be SOMEBODY.

    The second forty years – from the flight into Midian to the Exodus. In desert places he learned how to become a NOBODY.

   The third forty years – from the Exodus to his own exodus. As the leader of God's hosts he learned that GOD WAS EVERYBODY – the One he could speak to face to face as a man speaks to his friends”

QUOTE SOURCE: Lockyer, Herbert. "Moses." All the Men of the Bible: A Portrait Gallery and Reference Library of More than 3000 Biblical Characters. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Pub. House, 1958. 247. Print.

IMAGE CREDIT:  Wikimedia Commons

Moses and the Ten Commandments, c. 1896-1902, by James Jacques Joseph Tissot (French, 1836-1902), gouache on board, 10 11/16 x 5 5/8 in. (27.3 x 14.5 cm), at the Jewish Museum, New York

c. 1896-1902

Important People in the Life of Moses

Faithful Christians almost never have to walk alone. Besides the fact that Jesus is always with us, in this life we often have faithful companions. It was the same for Moses, who was a faithful servant of God. Three men were there at times when Moses needed encouragement.

Aaron was the brother of Moses. Because he could speak well, God allowed him to go with Moses before Pharoah and ask for the people to be set free. Even though he held an important position as a leader, he was weakened by the murmuring and complaining of the people. He made a golden calf for the Israelites to worship in the desert. This was a terrible sin of idolatry. They were all punished. Despite this he was Moses' faithful speaker, and the first high priest of Israel.

Jethro was a shepherd and priest who lived in Midian. Moses married one of his daughters, Zipporah, and so he became his father in law. Jethro is also called Reuel. He gave Moses wise counsel on how to properly judge God's people. He told him to judge the hard matters and leave the less difficult cases to able men.

Joshua was a faithful servant to Moses and the son of Nun. He was born as a slave under the bondage of Pharaoh in Egypt. He was one of the 12 spies sent to bring back a report on the land of Canaan. Joshua reported that the land was good. He was a soldier, brave in battle, and a man who prayed and had faith in God. He was chosen to lead the people after the death of Moses. Moses changed his name from Oshea to Hoshea which means “help” to Joshua, which means “God's help” or “salvation”.

The Death of Moses, God's Chosen Prophet, God's Lawgiver, and God's Friend

Moses is honored by many today as a holy man of God, a prophet, the one who gave God's laws to Israel, and the man called God's Friend. Yet unlike many other men who built great tombs so that they would not be forgotten, there is no monument or tombstone to mark his grave. To this day nobody has ever discovered the burial place of Moses. All that is known is that he climbed Mount Nebo, viewed the Promised Land (Canaan) from a distance, and died. The nation of Israel mourned his death for thirty (30) days. His passing is recorded in Deuteronomy 34: 1 – 8.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain, The Death of Moses, as in Deuteronomy 34:1-12, Bible card published 1907 by the Providence Lithograph Company, 1907